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The Humidor Guide

The Humidor If you enjoy smoking cigars, but you haven’t yet began to start your collection; purchasing a humidor should really be your first step. Even before buying cigars a quality humidor will be indispensable  for you A humidor is the vault you lock and store...

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How to taste a Guantanamera Cigar

Tasting a cigar is exactly like tasting a wine. You must see it, admire its color, smell it and finally taste it. At cigars you admire their look, you touch and sense their texture, you smell the good- looking wrapper, you admire its construction and finally you light...

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Understand Cigar Anatomy

According to Gregory Mottola’s article published on cigar aficionado every cigar smoker should understand the anatomy of cigar to avoid the confusing messages and opinions posing as fact by others .

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