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Guantanamera Domino Table


Each table has 30 inches of playing room with a 30×30 image of Cuban nostalgia in the center and is finished with a clear coat which gives the table a glossy coat and can handle any spill. The table boasts unique cup holders in the corner pockets which are also hand-made out of wood in our unique cut with a clear finish. Our domino holders are also made of real wood which keeps them from swelling from humidity unlike plywood domino holders.

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We are a Miami based family owned business that specializes in handcrafted Cuban-inspired Domino Tables. These quality pieces are good for both playing dominoes and display purposes. Each table is handcrafted by Guantanamera Cafe out of fine wood with separate metal folding legs that allow ample leg room for playing. This also allows it to fold up easily for display which makes it not only suitable for playing, but also to be used as a Cuban-inspired* decoration item. A must-have conversation piece for every Cuban-American home!


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