Guantanamera 310 Line

With a little bit of luck and a lot of efforts Guantanamera 310 Cigars grew into the versatile cigar brand it is today. Our motto is “Live True”, a testament to the type of product we produce.

Guantanamera 310 is a limited production ultra premium cigar hand made by skilled Cuban trained Master cigar rollers with Cuban-seed Habano long-filler and binder. This elegant Guantanamera cigar is draped in a rich Desflorado tobacco wrapper.

The leaves from the Corona, the crown on the top of the tree, are then hand selected for these very special Guantanameras. Produced in very limited quantities, Guantanamera 310 starts with a medium-bodied taste that is creamy with waves of vanilla, mild spices, toasted almonds and cedar. It then develops and builds to full body with anisette and floral undertones, and white pepper breezes. The finish is complex as the woody and earthy notes add to the taste. Each Guantanamera 310 are packaged in a Cuban style box.