The Humidor

If you enjoy smoking cigars, but you haven’t yet began to start your collection; purchasing a humidor should really be your first step. Even before buying cigars a quality humidor will be indispensable  for you

A humidor is the vault you lock and store your cigars in says J.A. Shapira on his article published by Gentleman’s Gazette. It’s made with a specific purpose in mind and that’s to allow you to safely store and age your cigar collection in a pristine environment. it is made to exacting standards ensuring your cigars remain fresh and healthy for years to come.  by generating a precise level of humidity so they don’t dry out.

In most cases, a humidor is a term used to describe a room or a box that is capable of maintaining a very specific temperature and humidity level. While it’s most commonly used to store cigars, it can really be used to store a variety of tobacco products including cigarettes and pipe tobacco. In fact, humidors throughout history have been used to store many different products that require a certain level of humidity. One famous example is the Colorado Rockies baseball team which stores its baseballs in a humidor to counteract the the high altitude in the area.